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Ala Moana: The People’s Park?
Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell wants to change Ala Moana Beach Park.  Some people are not too happy about the mayor’s plans.

Uncovering the Potential of Honolulu’s Hidden Streams

​South Street Bike Lane Proposal

Kaka’ako Sea Level Rise Map

Kaka’ako Rail Station Map

Kaka’ako Public Infrastructure & Facilities – Final Report

HPD’s Neighborhood Security Watch Information

Honolulu Rapid Transit Project Update – Kakaako Community Meeting – May 19, 2016


Kaka’ako Our Kuleana – UH Urban Planning Workshop series on Civic Space

 Common Cause Hawaii – State chapter of the National Organization keeping the government honest and accountable.

Defend Oahu Coalition – Protecting communities on Oahu from the dangerous effects of large scale development.

Friends of Kewalos – Supporters of the Kewalo Basin Park Area in Kaka’ako Makai.

​Hawaii Community Development Authority – Review the latest development plans in Kaka’ako and provide testimony

​Hawaii’s Thousands Friends – Partner organization focusing on smart development

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5 years ago
Bills to boost Kakaako’s tower height limit are cut down


The height limit for new buildings in Kakaako appears to be safe from a dramatic increase proposed in the Legislature, after three committees deferred action on a pair of bills.

5 years ago
State Looks To End The Battle Over Kakaako's Disputed Roads


A new move by the attorney general could resolve the longstanding question of who owns the pothole-plagued roads.

5 years ago
3-strikes bill would ban Waikiki repeat offenders


The arrest of a juvenile suspect after a male tourist was robbed and assaulted by a mob on a Waikiki street could help bolster the argument for a Waikiki three-strikes law being proposed at the ... See more

5 years ago
2 lawmakers criticize bills seeking to redraw skyline

Mahalo Senator Sharon Moriwaki and Representative Scott Saiki for ensuring smart development in ... See more

Two state lawmakers who live in and represent Kakaako on Monday criticized bills that colleagues introduced to allow at least a couple of exceptionally tall towers in the area.

5 years ago
Senator Sharon Y. Moriwaki

Like and follow Senator Sharon Moriwaki's new page for updates on District 12.

Senator Sharon Moriwaki is a dedicated community-oriented Government official who genuinely serves to support her district. She brings fresh ideas to address reoccurring issues with permanent ... See more

5 years ago
As many as 8 condos may pop up in Ala Moana


The construction boom in Kakaako now appears to have shifted to Ala Moana. The already busy area near the shopping center could be seeing as many as eight new high rises in the coming years.